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Message par Xuxl le Mer 23 Juil - 23:03

Arihant’s self-inflicted state of solitude in angst-ridden lyricism and old-school technicality has helped them in emerging as one of the most powerful and potent Death Metal bands in the circuit. However, for many acts like the above mentioned- whether or not they like to admit it- getting a foot in the music industry and schmoozing with the movers and shakers is an underlying part of the big plan. “The form of music we play might not appeal to a lot of people which is why we refer to it as an underground movement. But let’s look at this from a musician’s perspective- This is my art, my potential- it’s but natural that I want to make it big and try and put bread and butter on the table doing this.” Suggests frontman Rituraj Boruah

Pour un groupe Indien je trouve ça pas trop mal, j'ai entendu bien pire de là-bas.

Je ne sais rien à propos de leur discographie.......

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