Mandragora (Pérou) - New singer

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Mandragora (Pérou) - New singer

Message par Xuxl le Mar 10 Juil - 16:47

Shortly after their first album "Waves of Steel" was released, MANDRAGORAparted ways with their singer Fatima Natthammer - which was a shock for most of the band fans.. Today we can reveal the identity of their new singer ! Make sure she's gonna push the band further, her vocal abilites are not to be proved anymore, since she's known for being the singer of the peruvian all-female band STROGENA.. please welcome Miss Maria ORITHYA in the ranks of MANDRAGORA !
Since Maria joined the band, MANDRAGORA have been very busy rehearsing ALOT, playing ALOT of new gigs/festivals but also writing new songs and is now planning the release of a new 7"EP on INKAS NOIZE Records (same label that released the "First Attack" EP in 2014) as soon as possible ! Stay tuned !

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