Mise à jour (ENFIN !!!) de la distro de INFERNO Records !!!

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Mise à jour (ENFIN !!!) de la distro de INFERNO Records !!!

Message par HardRockerFab le Mar 25 Déc - 11:33

Metal for Beerdrinkers & Hellraisers !!!
Mailorder List 12/2007

BALMOG (Spa) Pestilent Rats For Your Moribund Children MC 3 €
Second release of Spaniards. 4 tracks of raw Black Metal in vein of old Helheim.
Tape professionally released, limited to 300 copies.
>>> www.kampf.ws

BESTIAL RAIDS (Pol) Reversed Black Trinity MC 3 €
Tape version of the debut album . Fukking Black/Death/War Metal.
Tape professionally released.
European edition, strictly limited to 250 copies.
>>> www.kampf.ws

BISMILLAH (Mar) Anholy Hate CDr 3 €
Ambient & depressive Black Metal... Absolutely Great !!!!

BLACK ANGEL (Peru) Reign Of Satan 7"EP - PIC DISC 7 €
Damn fuckin'old-school Black Metal in the pure south-american blasphemic tradition ! Get this piece on a 555 copies limited edition PIC DISC with large foldout 2 sided Postercover ! A real collector !!!!

BLITZKRIEG (UK) Sins & Greed DLP 20 €
One of the most influential bands from the NWOBHM era ! They taught METALLICA what METAL is (too bad they forgot the lessons !) - 11 new songs recorded in 2005 ! Comes on killer double vinyl with gatefold cover ! For collector maniacs ! Limited 500.
>>> www.myspace.com/absoluteblitzkrieg

BLITZKRIEG (UK) Absolutely Live ! DLP 20 €
16 of their classics recorded live in 2003 in England ! Amazing ! Comes on killer double vinyl with gatefold cover ! For collector maniacs ! Limited 500.
>>> www.myspace.com/absoluteblitzkrieg

CAVATICUS (Fra) Amentia CDr 3 €
Brutal & raw underground black attack !!!

ELIXIR (UK) Knocking On The Gates Of Hell MCD 8 €
Another NWOBHM hero ! Classic 80's Heavy-Metal that will please all old-Saxon, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Blitzkrieg fans ! Includes 2 live-songs. Limited 500.
>>> www.myspace.com/officialelixir

EVIL INCARNATE (Usa) Waiting For His Return CD 12 €
After over 4 years of silence, EVIL INCARNATE has returned to strike the earth with bloodshed. All out war against christ, his father, the holy spirit and all who worship the Nazarene pig from Jerusalem, born in Bethlehem. Very blasphemous christ hating Death Metal propaganda inspired by infernal legions such as POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, MASSACRE, DEATH, and CELTIC FROST. Embrace the Devil's music as EVIL INCARNATE lead the people to Satan, lead them to hell and burn them!!!
>>> www.myspace.com/evilincarnatekult

EXTINCTION (Uk) Down Below The Fog CD 7 €
Cold raw & chaotic black metal... for those into Burzum & stuff like that... Misanthropic !!!

FOSCOR (Spa) The Smile Of The Sad Ones CD 12 €
The NEW album ! FOSCOR performs amazing Black Metal in the Northern tradition which will appeal to fans of EMPEROR, ENSLAVED, KEEP OF KALESSIN or CODE. Expect Black Metal of the highest calibre !
>>> www.myspace.com/temple_of_darkness

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Aus) Realm Of The Damned CD 12 €
Long awaited second full length album from Australia's bastard sons of Black/Thrash! Moving forward in style but retaining that GOTH rhythm and feel so evident on "Eve of the Conqueror", the new album, "REALM OF THE DAMNED", will definitely kick all you fuckers in the face. Heavy, raw, with a class touch of MOTORHEAD, CELTIC FROST, RAZOR, SODOM (to name some obvious references). True Aussie Black / Death back with a vengeance!
>>> www.myspace.com/gospelofthehorns

HIRAX (USA) The New Age Of Terror LP 15 €
Raging Intense Furious Thrash fuckin'Metal ! Louder Than Hell ! 11 songs that will definitely blast your mind ! Amazing violent thrash metal for all into old-TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL, EXODUS, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, old-SLAYER with really raw punk touches à la old-DISCHARGE, GBH... fuckin'AWESOME !!! Comes on killer vinyl with gatefold cover ! For collector maniacs ! Limited 500.
>>> www.myspace.com/hirax

HONOS AQUILAE (Fra) Imperium Legionis CDr 3 €
Brutal ! Impaled Nazarene meets Marduk !

INSISION (Swe) Ikon CD 12 €
Old-school fuckin’death-metal… fast forward, dark & raw as fuck !!! Digipack w/8 page-booklet.
>>> http://www.myspace.com/insision

LORD (Fra) Hell's Fucking Metal LP 13 €
Total old-school black thrash – a must have for all worshippers of Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Destruction, Possessed, etc... !!!
>>> www.myspace.com/lordblackmetal

MANTH (Ita) A Conjuration Compelling Obedience MC 3 €
7 tracks of completely Lunatic Black Metal. Project of Bard Manth from Italy.
Tape professionally released, limited to 300 copies.
>>> www.kampf.ws

MAZE OF TORMENT (Swe) Brave The Blizzard EP 5 €
Fast, aggressive & intense Death-thrash in the veins of old-Slayer, Kreator, Death, Morbid Angel, Sadus.. Produced by Dan SWANO. Limited 545.
>>> www.myspace.com/officialmazeoftorment

MORD (Pol) Christendom Perished MC 3 €
8 tracks of aggressive, uncompromising Black Metal in Norwegian style. Fully professional release under the Southern Lord licence. Limited to 500 copies.
>>> www.kampf.ws

MORSÜRE (Fra) Acceleration Process CD 13 €
Fucked up early 80's deathlike speed metal from France. Great pissed sound featuring their one and only album, "Acceleration Process" from 1985 and their 1984 "M.A.D." demo. Raw chaotic speed metal, filled with frenzied guitar riffs, fast killer bass lines and precise hyper drumming. Massive 20 page booklet with TONS of obscure band photos & HUGE interview. Testament lovers beware! This is RAW fucking rabid thrash/speed metal! Released on NunSlaughter Records in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers Records.

NOMINON (Swe) The True face Of Death MLP 12 €
Old-school Death fuckin'metal ! Pretty fast, catchy & merciless ! No synth, no female vocals, pure hate from the grave only ! Great artwork by Chris MOYEN - Comes on killer vinyl with gatefold cover ! For collector maniacs ! Limited 545.
>>> www.myspace.com/nominon

NORTHDARK (Rus) Nostalgia CD 10 €
The last minutes of God recorded onto CD ! Russian blasphemous underground black metal ! Limited to 500 copies.

NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) Hate Your God CD 12 €
Another over the top raw rehearsal recording ! This is fuckin’ awesome ! NunSlaughter destroy souls & minds, NunSlaughter is the horned king’s best disciple ! Death-fuckin’Metal as it was meant to BE ! Limited 1000.
>>> www.myspace.com/nun666slaughter

OMEN (Usa) Eternal Black Dawn LP 15 €
Does this band really need an introduction ? Classic Heavy-Metal for all hardrockers & metalheads around ! Simply a must have for all Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Lizzy Borden fans ! This is their 6th album, released in 2003... Comes on killer vinyl with gatefold cover ! For collector maniacs ! Limited 525.
>>> www.myspace.com/omenlegion

OND AAND (Fra) Rehears’Hell 2004 CDr 3 €
Raw & repulsive Black Metal… For the sickest only !!!
OND AAND/DEVILISH ERA (Fr/Fr) Gathering For Infernal Onslaught CDr 3 €
The gathering of two of the most extreme & insane Black Metal bands from France… You won’t survive !

PAGAN ALTAR (UK) Lords Of Hypocrisy CD 12 €
This band is CULT ! First release came out in 1982 – during the golden years of Heavy-Metal ! They are the masters of old-school british heavy-doom metal ! A must for all fans of Trouble, Witchfinder General, Coven, early Black Sabbath !
>>> www.myspace.com/paganaltar

PAGAN ALTAR (UK) Mythical & Magical CD 12 €
More old-school doom-heavy metal with strong 70’s touches ! Another must have for all true metalheads !!!
>>> www.myspace.com/paganaltar

PAGAN RITES (Swe) Dancing Souls 7'EP 5 €
Excellent old-school black/heavy/death metal ! A must have ! With the mighty Devil Lee Rot on vocals !!!
>>> www.myspace.com/paganrites

PORTRAIT (Swe) Into The Nothingness 7'EP 6 €
King Diamond-ish creepyness paired with amazing Maiden-esque twin guitars and furious riffing in the vein of old Mercyful Fate that makes you want to go out, raise your fist, crush the posers and hear the lamentations of their women. Amazing stuff !!!
>>> www.myspace.com/portraitmetal

PRIMAL DAWN (Ire) Zealot MCD 6 €
Death/thrash.... aggressive, fast & merciless ! For fans of AngelCorpse, Morbid Angel & Dissection.
>>> www.myspace.com/primaldawn

SATAN (UK) Live In The Act DLP 20 €
Nothing but a NWOBHM Legend !!!! 13 songs recorded live at the Dynamo Club in 1983 ! Feel the 80’s metal atmosphere ! With BLITZKRIEG members… Metal at its best ! For all die-hard hardockers & metalheads into early Iron Maiden, Blitzkrieg, early Jaguar… AMAZING !!! Comes on killer double vinyl with gatefold cover ! For collector maniacs ! Limited 500.
>>> www.myspace.com/courtintheact

SATANOCHIO (Rou) I Am Satanochio Cd 13 €
UNIQUE Black Metal from the Carpathian Forests ! Incredibly Unholy !!!
>>> www.myspace.com/satanochio.

TERRAGON (Fra) Chapitre 1 CD 10 €
Excellent depressive atmospheric black

TOPHET (Rus) Bypassing The Christian Era CD 12 €
Fast, raw & misanthropic black metal in the northern tradition. Excellent band in its style ! For all blackers around !!! Limited to 500 copies.
>>> http://www.myspace.com/tophethorde

V/A - Chaos To Unleash A New Age CD 5 €
Split w/EVIL, S.A.R., THALLIUM - Raw evil war black metal

V/A – End Of The Way CD 5 €
w/Hypnos, Serenade, Morgain, Iniquity... - Death thrash black compilation

WITCHKING (Pol) Witchking CD 12 €
Amazing debut album from this polish Heavy-Metal band ! Awesome vocals, catchy guitars & heavy as hell rythmics !!! For fans of Judas Priest, Nevermore, Metal Church, Iced Earth...
>>> www.myspace.com/witchkingband

WÜRM (Can)/GRIM WINTER (Can) Suicide Pact CD 10 €
Cold raw suicidal black metal
>>> www.myspace.com/nhrrecords

Conditions de vente, modes de paiement et frais de port :

>>> Pour chaque commande, n’oubliez pas de bien communiquer vos coordonnées complètes ainsi que votre numéro de téléphone si possible (en cas de problème de livraison, il y aura toujours possibilité de vous joindre). Vous avez la possibilité de réserver vos articles par téléphone ou mail, ceux-ci, si toujours disponibles, seront mis de côté durant une semaine dans l’attente de votre règlement. Passé ce délai, ils retourneront en stock. Si toutefois vous choisissez de ne pas réserver, pensez aux articles de remplacement. En dernier recours un remboursement partiel ou total vous sera envoyé (déduction faite des frais d’envoi en cas de remboursement partiel).

>>> Paiements par chèques, mandats-cash acceptés à l’ordre de Fabien PINNETEAU – Pas de cash, ni timbres !!! Possibilité aussi de payer via Paypal à inferno-records@hotmail.fr.

>>> Port :
France : 1 article, ajouter 2 euros puis 1 euro par articles supplémentaire.
Europe : 1 article : ajouter 3 euros puis 1 euro par article supplémentaire.
Reste Du monde : 1 article : ajouter 4 euros puis 1 euro par article supplémentaire.

Afin de pouvoir garder des prix acceptables concernant les frais de port, les CDs sont envoyés SANS boîtier. Si toutefois, vous voulez les recevoir avec boîtier, merci de nous contacter pour en connaître les frais de port exacts… Mais par expérience, cela vous reviendra moins cher de les acheter séparément là où vous vivez...

N’étant pas responsable en cas de perte ou vol durant l’envoi, l’option ENVOI en RECOMMANDE est conseillée, ainsi en cas de problème, vous serez remboursé de votre commande. Me contacter si vous désirez cette option pour connaître le montant exact total de votre commande.

>>> Tous les Envois se font en COLISSIMO SUIVI (Envoi rapide et traçable).

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