Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!

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Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!

Message par EVIL SPIRIT le Ven 29 Oct - 19:43

Salut a tout le Metal frer!!! ca va!!?????

hails bastards of death!!!
here JC MORBID carrying some bestial Metal from the southamerican underground!!! some of the last arrivals to my small, underground and
malignant distro are:

-Mariana Nannis - demo: absolutely lustful, primitive and weird Black / Punk / Doom Metal. Recorded in minimalistic ways, including more than 25 tracks with morbid intros and lyrics. Xeroxed/original, official covers & simple homedubbed tape.

-Nefario - "This is the True Satanic Victory" demo: it is a kind of Blackened, bestial & occult Deathrash Metal in a rawer mood! Featuring 5
tracks with titles as: "The Unholy Lightning", "Black Candles", "Into the Occult" or "Children of the Night"!!. Gloosy cover with lyrics and pics,
showing also a raw / primitive cover art and occult handmade frames.
Simple tape.

-Black Vul Destruktor - "Volition+Invocation+Destruction" demo: other beast from the Argentinian lands. In 4 tracks it sounds savage and very
"Metal Negro de Muerte Destruktor"!!!. Crude riffs and a blaster drums with some changes. Gloosy cover with lyrics inside & simple homedubbed fucking tape!!!

(3 bands from Argentina)


Bestial Holocaust (Bolivia) - "Final Exterminación" tape.
Black / Death / Thrash assault from Bolivian lands!!! 10 tracks. Pro cover (including lyrics), sticker for tape.

Hadez (Perú) - "Doomsday: The Death Rides" tape.
DEATH METAL FROM PERÚ!!! The last album release of this Death Horde from Perú, showing new line up, and brutal / bestial obscure sounds!!! Pro cover with lyrics inside, tape with sticker.

Caligula (Paraguay) - "Graveyard Ritual" demo tape.
6(66) tracks of Paraguayan Black / Thrash Metal. Twisted vocals, raw riffs & bestial drums!!! Printed gloosy cover; simple tape.

Death Invoker (Perú) - Demo 2010: 666 necromantic invokations of total MORBID AND UNHOLY PERUVIAN BLACKENED SPEED DEATH METAL BESTIALITY!!!
www.deathinvoker666.blogspot.com (reviews and info)


--Proclamation of Doom zine (Chile): featuring Unholy Force, Neutron Hammer, Post Mortem, Beyond Death, War Ritual, Putrid Skull & Anal Vomit. 24 xeroxed pages, "letter size" (more than A5, less than A4), spanish written.

I also have other stuff (zines, patches, cdrs, demo tapes from Asia, Europe, etc) then you can make a look here: www.evil666spirit.blogspot.com

in malignant contact!!!!!!

pd: offer the price you want; I will decide if it sounds good or not!!


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Re: Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!

Message par Old Axe Cult Records le Ven 29 Oct - 19:55

Welcome in Pyrenean Lands, Juan Carlos !

Beyond the mountains, forever wrapped in darkness, the forgotten valleys of Hades

Old Axe Cult Records
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Re: Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!

Message par ian le Sam 30 Oct - 0:36

Hellcomme !


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Re: Evil Spirit distro: SouthAmerican demotapes, etc; in sale!

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